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Fashion Designing Games For Girls

fashion designing games for girls

    fashion designing

  • (fashion designer) couturier: someone who designs clothing
  • Fashion design is the art of the application of design and [[aesthetics]or natural beauty] to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place.
  • (Fashion design) The art dedicated to the creation of wearing apparel and lifestyle


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fashion designing games for girls – Creativity For

Creativity For Kids Activity Kit: Designed By You Special Occasion Fashions
Creativity For Kids Activity Kit: Designed By You Special Occasion Fashions
Designed By You Special Occasion Fashions Kit. Dream, draw, and design a fashionable formalwear with this all-in- one kit. Become the fashion designer and make beautiful prom dresses, wedding gown, evening wear and more with the help of a dress mannequin and loads of supplies. This kit contains 1 doll- sized mannequin (12″ x 2-1/2″ x 2″), (1) 9″ x 6″ sketch book, 2 sketch pencils, one pencil sharpener, 1 tape measure, fabric pins, one pin cushion, 1 metal thimble, sewing needles and threader, one pair of scissors, assorted miniature bolts of real fabric, assorted ribbon trims, assorted threads a fabric swatch booklet, assorted decorative bows and roses, 1 satin dress, (2) 0.33fl oz/10mL tubes of glitter glue (Iridescent and Silver), (1) 0.5 fl. oz of fabric glue, two mini tiaras, an accessories storage bag, and instruction booklet. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Recommended for ages 9 and up. Warning: contains functional sharp point.

tag game doll and book.

tag game doll and book.
Theatre de la Mode book is my forever favorite book and i would like to recommend all of you.this book make me feel back with time machine to paris in 1940 when shciaparelli is very famous fashion designer.she took hats ,gloves,shoes,bags and costume jewelry to be fashion in that time because lack of fabric,oil,gas,food,etc.
so when we change accessories,we feel have new dress look.this book take me to my…of haute couture why i love haute couture eventhough i cannot afford……and cannot wear these beautiful dresses.

my doll is elyse dark swan fr2 with cholo doll couture noir dress.

no one tag me for this game but i see some member play this game and i would like to join to play and others people that would like to play this game.please join to play eventhough i will not tag you.thank you very much.

Theatre de la Mode takes you to Paris, France, in the 1940s where you feel the emotions and realities of the war. A series of historical essays tell the story of couturiers, set designers, milliners, shoe and glove makers, jewelry designers and other artisans joining together to create a show of their fashions in miniature. Nina Ricci’s son Robert first conceived the idea as a way to showcase Paris’ fashion industry while raising money for war victims. The 27" tall dolls and their sets toured major cities of Europe and the United States, beginning in Paris and ending in 1946 in San Francisco. There, after the exhibit closed, jewels worn by the dolls were sent back to France, the sets were presumably destroyed, and the dolls disappeared into storage in the basement of the City of Paris Department Store. Rescued in 1952, the dolls were donated to a new museum, Maryhill Museum of Art in southern Washington.

The original book was written for the 1990 opening of the exhibit of the "lost dolls." After Stanley Garfinkel, a professor from Kent State University, first discovered their existence and they were sent back to Paris for renovation, the sets were rebuilt and the show opened at its original location, the Pavillon Marsan at the Louvre. The book was translated to English when the exhibition opened at the Metropolitan Muesum of Art in New York, but has been out of print since 1991.

Now, for the First Time, Lovers of Couture
Can See Enlarged Photos of all Existing
Mannequins and Large Color
Photos of the Sets!

Pati Palmer has loved the dolls since visiting them at Maryhill as a young girl. She has introduced them again and again to attendees of The Palmer/Pletsch Couture Workshop, who have been visiting the dolls at Maryhill since the mid-1990s. While there, she learned that Maryhill had hopes of resurrecting the book and Palmer/Pletsch, being a publisher, decided to do it…if the new version could be an enhancement of the old by including photos of the re-built sets and larger photos of the 170 dolls so designers and sewers could see the details. This new book has all that and more. Recent history has been added including the licensing by the Tonner Doll Co. of re-creations of some of the Theatre outfits on their limited edition dolls.

Theatre de la Mode was adopted by the United Federation of Doll Clubs
for their 2002 convention in Denver, Colorado.

Posted by Kathleen Fasanella on Nov 12, 2007 at 2:37 pm / News and Events, Slavery or Bravery / Trackback

Last Saturday, I was magically transported to Paris during the Nazi occupation. My friend Trish invited me to an event her doll collector’s club was hosting, that of a 45 minute video on the history of Theatre de la Mode including 18 reproductions produced by the doll designer Robert Tonner. I know a few of you have heard of the Theatre de la Mode but most people haven’t. I had but it didn’t really interest me -until now. I know a few of you have written to me about it before but it didn’t resonate. I had to experience it.

Imagine if you will, war torn Paris, the capital of fashion. Many couturiers shuttered their doors, never to open again or if they did, never to regain lost footing (Vionnet). Some fled. All told, it was devastating for a nation of which fashion was the second largest national industry and employer. Materials were in short supply as were clientele (who are often muses) and Germans have never been internationally lauded for their fashion sense. Once the city was liberated in 1944, how was the industry to recover?

Think about it. How does a nation announce to the world that they’re back in business? How does a national industry tactfully transcend the gloom and decay of international sorrow? In grand style, they revived an even older tradition, telling the story of fashion with dolls arranged in a theater setting (link).

The idea for the Theatre de la Mode came from Robert Ricci, son of Nina, and the then head of the Chambre Syndicale, which was enlisted by Entraide Francaise to help raise funds for their work. Like the rest of Europe, Paris was suffering from severe sho

FresH Sim Opening – Aug 21-22nd

FresH Sim Opening - Aug 21-22nd
FresH sim – opening to carry the new mainstore for both the Fab.Pony brand and the new mainstore for Aleida brand, plus future men’s brand (coming Fall 2010).

The FresH sim opening weekend of August 21-22 will feature live electro, 80’s and house DJ performances throughout the opening weekend on a fabulous dance area, along with NEW RELEASES from both Fab.Pony and Aleida fashion labels, plus Newly Discounted Freebies, and Outlet Store carrying discounted items. And bring your friends – ferris wheel, games and raffles included at this weekend’s fun and fashionable event.

The Brands. The Mainstores.

Fab.Pony has been trailblazing women’s fashion trends in Second Life since 2008 with its crazy 80’s and 90’s inspired styles and unmistakable array of vibrant colors. High end streetwear from the grid’s self-proclaimed ‘enfant terrible’ sweetheart, has been acclaimed as the goto place for all clubwear and glamorista "IT" girls of the fashion scene.

High gloss candy pink floors with shots of white ergonomic design elements will get you pumped as you peruse the mix and match selection of acid wash jeans, sequin minis and zebra printed rompers. Follow the synthpop music directly into the attached Neon club, where fashion and music make a sweet pair.

With a gentle touch of African emotion comes Aleida’s uniquely designed wear, not only for the everyday fashionable woman but those that live and breathe glamour.

Don’t leave anything but your footprints,
Don’t take anything but your memory, and of course an outfit too!

Come inside and live the dream of Aleida.

Tatianna Faulkes – Fab.Pony Owner/Designer ;
Aleida Rhode – Aleida Owner/Designer

Poster credit:

Models: Styled, photographed and edited by Aleida Rhode
Poster text, graphics etc. : Tatianna Faulkes

fashion designing games for girls

fashion designing games for girls

Designing Woman
A sportswriter who marries a fashion designer discovers that their mutual interests are few, although each has an intriguing past which makes the other jealous.
Genre: Feature Film-Comedy
Rating: NR
Release Date: 5-FEB-2002
Media Type: DVD

Anyone who thinks that Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus is a cutting-edge idea will be surprised by Designing Woman, a 1957 comedy starring Gregory Peck as a sports writer who falls madly in love with fashion designer Lauren Bacall. The twofold plot springs from a combination of Bacall’s jealous efforts to learn the identity of Peck’s previous lover and Peck’s reckless expose of a gangster who rigs boxing matches–but the movie’s real enjoyment comes from its depiction of the athletic and arts worlds, each spun as a reflection of the male and female mind, respectively. While Peck and Bacall aren’t noted for their comic chops, they acquit themselves respectably; Bacall has the more flamboyant role, but Peck draws low-key humor from his character’s smug and blinkered perceptions. Designing Woman is directed by Vincente Minnelli (who also directed Meet Me in St. Louis, An American in Paris, and Gigi), so it’s not surprising that the movie flares most to life during a few musical sequences–sneaked into the plot because Bacall has been commissioned to design a Broadway show, whose star just happens to be Peck’s former paramour–culminating in a back-alley fight staged as a brawling ballet. –Bret Fetzer